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Comet The Supercolt Prologue
Prologue: The last son of Kolton
Our story begins in a Galaxy far away from Equestria, where many planets revolve around a red sun, the biggest of these planets was Kolton, home to a race so advanced in science and magic.
In the chambers of Kolton's high council a sentence was to be laid out. The Prosecutor Jav-El one of Kolton's greatest scientists delivered his closing statement.
Jav-El: And so with the evidence presented against the defendents in this court today  it is up to the ruling of this council to decide whether  you General Zebrod , Major Ursa and Neign are to be found innocent or guilty for the crimes of murder, high treason, and sedition.  Councilmen have you reached a verdict?
The three heads of the high council looked to each other in discussion then down on the three defendants dressed in black. One a unicorn stallion, the second a pegasus mare and the third a hulking earth stallion. Finally the council members announced their verdict.
Council members: G
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Comet the Supercolt: A Mile In My Hooves
Comet the Supercolt: A Mile In My Hooves
One day in Equestria, Twilight Sparkle and Spike had invited Comet and Applejack over to the castle for the big pancake breakfast.
Applejack: Pinkie Pie, these are even more delicious than they were when we helped Twilight feel more at home here in the castle.
Pinkie Pie: Thanks; Comet helped me make them. It sure helps when you have super strength to carry all the heavy bags of ingredients, heat vision to heat the frying pan when the stove’s not working and super senses to tell when they’re ready.
Comet: It was nothing really.
Twilight Sparkle: Must be pretty amazing having super powers and all.
Comet: Living in a castle and having magic must be pretty cool too.
Rarity: So Twilight, I remember you saying that you wanted to show us something, just what is it darling?
Twilight Sparkle: Well, the other reason I invited you all here is because, of this.
Twilight Sparkle then takes a strange red rock out of her saddlebag and places it in
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Comet the Supercolt: A foal's revenge
Comet the Supercolt: A foal’s revenge.
One beautiful day in Equestria, Filthy Rich was announcing the opening of his new Toy Palace in Ponyville, where colts and fillies are eagerly awaiting for the ribbon cutting ceremony. Comet Apple and the Mane six are among the ponies waiting for the grand opening.
Comet: You guys excited about the grand opening?
Applejack: You bet your boots we are!
Rarity: But of course Comet, this moment is as important to the Rich family as the opening to my boutique in Manehattan was to me.
Twilight Sparkle: I’m just glad that the Rich family is using their money to spread happiness to other ponies.
Fluttershy: I’m so happy that so many little colts and fillies will get some wonderful new toys to play with.
Pinkie Pie was so excited she was talking faster than a rabbit running a race.
Pinkie Pie (Super excited): Just imagine all of the birthday shopping for the little colts and fillies, which means a lot of Birthday parties! (Fires her party
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Comet the Supercolt: Two's a crowd
Comet the Supercolt: Two’s a crowd
One day in Equestria in the cave of the legendary Mirror Pool, there was a Pegasus Mare archeologist exploring the cave, her name was A.K. Yearling, also known as Daring Do. Daring Do was exploring the cave of the Mirror Pool to see if the pool really could duplicate whoever looks into it and says the magic words.
Daring Do: I hope the legend is true, this could help keep my identity safe if I do this right.
Daring Do looks into the Mirror Pool, sees her reflection and says the magic words.
Daring Do: And into her own reflection she stared, yearning for one whose reflection she shared and solemnly sweared not to be…
Before she could finish, Daring Do hears a sound of a twig breaking, she then hides to see who’s there without getting caught. The pony who entered the cave was a brown earth stallion with a shaved beard and a red ascot, it was one of Daring Do’s enemies; Dr. Caballeron and he was searching for something to sell to
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Comet the Supercolt: Mxyzppnyed
Comet the Supercolt: Mxyzppnyed
One day in Ponyville, Comet Apple was at Sugar Cube corner having a Root beer float, when suddenly a letter addressed to him appears out of nowhere.
Comet: Huh? What’s this?
Comet then opens the letter and reads it.
Comet: Dear Supercolt,
An old enemy of mine Mr. Mxyzppny (Mixed-up-pony) has escaped and is bent on causing trouble, I’m afraid I can’t help because Mxyzppny has drained me of a good deal of my magic, leaving me bed bound in the 5th dimension, you have to stop him and save Ponyville.
Comet: Don’t worry; I won’t let Ponyville down.
Comet then heads to the closet, takes his super suit out of his saddle bag, puts it on super fast and takes off; ready to face Mr. Mxyzppny. As Supercolt waits for something to happen he hears somepony screaming.
Voice: Aaaahh!
Supercolt: That sounded like Twilight!
But just as Supercolt was about to fly to save her, he starts to shrink to the size of a flea and obta
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Comet the Supercolt Ch. 4
Comet the Supercolt Chapter 4: The Stallion of tomorrow
A few days after the battle in Canterlot, Princess Celestia holds a ceremony honoring Supercolt and the mane six for defeating Zebrod, Ursa and Neign. As Supercolt and the mane six enter the castle, everypony applauses for them, even the Wonderbolts, because after facing Zebrod and his troops, the Wonderbolts were happy that Supercolt was on their side.
Soarin: You’re all right Supercolt!
Fleetfoot: We were wrong about you!
Spitfire: Told ya.
Supercolt and the mane six then make their way to Princess Celestia; who then gives her speech.
Princess Celestia: We are gathered here today to once again honor the heroism of these brave heroes who stood up to the villainous General Zebrod and his minions and saved Equestria from tyranny.
As everypony in the castle cheered for Supercolt and the mane six, Princess Celestia unfurled a curtain to reveal a stained glass window with a picture of Twilight, Rarity and Pinkie Pie fighting Urs
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Comet the Supercolt Ch. 3
Mlp Comet the Supercolt Chapter 3: Zebrod
In outer space, not far from Equestria’s orbit, Queen Chrysalis was drifting off with her minions, when they noticed a strange mirror like portal heading straight for them, it was the Phantom Zone which was the prison of 3 Koltonian criminals, General Zebrod a grey unicorn stallion with a black mane and facial hair, Major Ursa a beige pegasus mare with a dark brown mane and Neign a grey hulking earth stallion with a black mane and facial hair.
Queen Chrysalis: Oh no, I can’t fly away from it!
Ursa: General look!
Zebrod: I see them Ursa, heading straight for us!
Queen Chrysalis and her changelings crash into the Phantom Zone; knocking themselves unconscious and freeing Zebrod, Ursa and Neign, who then discover that they have obtained new abilities.
Ursa: Are we flying and breathing in space?
Zebrod: It appears so.
Ursa: But how?
Zebrod then looks at Equestria and its sun and then puts 2 and 2 together.
Zebrod: Now I get it, it seems
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Comet the Supercolt Ch. 2
Mlp Comet the Supercolt Chapter 2: The Stallion of steel
A few years, after discovering Comet’s powers, everypony was enjoying a peaceful morning in Ponyville, but the peaceful atmosphere was short lived when a hydra from a nearby bog appears and begins to wreak havok in Ponyville. The Hydra began to smash flower shops, food stands, houses and soon began heading for townhall.
Hydra: ROAR!
Everypony: Aaahh!
Octavia: It’s a monster!
Carrot Cake: We’re doomed!
Lyra: Somepony help us!
Mayor Mare: Everypony please calm down!
Suddenly, a flying heroic figure appears from the skies and makes it’s way to Ponyville; where it was spotted by the citizens.
Octavia: Look, up in the sky!
Lyra: It’s a Pegasus!
Dr. Hooves: It’s a shooting star!
The figure is revealed to be a white stallion with a silver mane, in a blue suit, with a red cape and boots and a shield symbol with an S inside on his chest and flank.
Mayor Mare: No, it’s Supercolt!
It was Comet, now
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Comet the Supercolt Ch. 1
Mlp Comet the Supercolt Chapter 1
One afternoon in Ponyville, Comet Apple (adopted by the apple family), a young white earth colt with a silver mane had just finished school one day and was walking home with his friend Pumpkin Cake.
Pumpkin Cake: For a pony who’s almost on summer break, you don’t look very excited, what’s wrong Comet?
Comet: I don’t know Pumpkin; I’ve been feeling kind of weird lately.
Pumpkin Cake: Everypony’s weird if you ask me.
Pumpkin noticed that Comet looked a little down.
Pumpkin Cake: Hey it’s Pumpkin, you know; the filly who’s had a crush on you since we were 3? You can tell me.
Comet: Well, I’ve been hearing things that I couldn’t hear before, like over there.
Comet then points at a pink earth filly with a yellow mane whispering to a golden earth colt with a blonde mane.
Comet: Starlight is telling Ace that her parents are going out to the Grand Galloping Gala tonight.
Pumpkin Cake: That little tart
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